52. What If Everything Works Out? | Devin Grindrod | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

Devin Grindrod is a strong advocate for empowerment and whole-person healing. She received her B.A. in Psychology and is currently working as an evidential psychic medium and Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Her mission is to help people overcome their limiting beliefs and learn to trust in the power of their own inner knowing. Sometimes we ... Read more

50. Doing Whatever It Takes | Anindita Guha Maulik Rungta | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

My guest today is Anindita Guha Maulik Rungta. She is India’s first certified Functional Medicine Health Coach from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). She is also an AFMC Certified practitioner from the School of Applied Functional Medicine. She changes lives by teaching women with chronic conditions how to create long term health and reverse ... Read more

49. Stop Working in a Bubble | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

I consistently catch myself wanting to wait to show a project to someone until it's all done and perfect. Turns out that's a terrible idea. Every time I get feedback earlier in the process it stops me from making massive mistakes. Anyone else ever try to hide what they're doing until it's all finished? No, ... Read more

48. When Their Ceiling is Your Floor | Sarah Piedrahita | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

My guest today is Sarah Piedrahita. When asked to talk about herself she writes, I am The Reinvention Strategist and I work with all sorts of people to make sense out of the nonsense in life and business. I serve people who have been blindsided by life and need help on next steps to those ... Read more

46. Life Without a Network is Nothing | Frank Agin | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

Frank Agin ( is president of AmSpirit Business Connections, which empowers entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals to become successful through networking. He also hosts the Networking Rx podcast, which has insights and interviews related to better business relationships. Finally, Frank is the author of several books, including Foundational Networking (   Frank could see his ... Read more

45. How Do You Know What Product to Create? | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

When you have a bunch of good ideas it can be hard to know where to focus. If you're building a business it's important to focus on creating a product your audience wants not just whatever you feel like making. But how do you know what that is? In this episode I'm working my way ... Read more

44. How Do You Know When to Quit? | Bethany George | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

My guest today is Bethany George. She wrote the following about herself... I have been an enterprising entrepreneur since I was a young child. I am a problem solver at heart and love to serve the needs of others. Entrepreneurship is a part of who I am. Along with being a mom to 5 kids. ... Read more