The Optimized Entrepreneur

Streamline Your Business. Regain Your Life.

A Note from the Author…

Hi! Camille, here. Thanks for stopping by. I can hardly wait for the release of my next book, The Optimized Entrepreneur. It’s all about how to be a more efficient entrepreneur so you can spend more time enjoying your life and less time being frustrated with the nitty gritty of running your business.

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I was inspired to write this book by the vast number of clients and friends who all seemed to experience the same frustrations within their businesses. Too much to do. Not enough time to do it. They were continuously asking me how I manage to run two companies, write books, teach classes, run networking groups, and produce a weekly podcast, as well as cook meals, attend my kids sporting events, and take vacations. Oh, and I also sleep 7-8 hours each night and wake up without an alarm or caffeine. Sounds impossible, I know. But it’s true.

Part 1 of The Optimized Entrepreneur is on Mindset, Part 2 is on translating Goals into action steps, and Part 3 is all about Optimization Zones (office space, calendaring, routines and habits, etc.). Many of the tips, tricks, habits, and most importantly thought processes I use to do all that I do. I sincerely hope this book helps you or someone you know streamline their business and regain their life.