Exploring the Emotional Side of Money.

Wanting to start a podcast for over a year, Camille launched MoneyHeart during the world-wide quarantine of 2020 and recorded 121 episodes on the emotional side of money. She gained clarity on the show’s concept on a Friday afternoon and made a short, text-only post on Facebook. It read something along the lines of, “Starting a podcast. Anyone want to be on it with me?” Within 24 hours she had over 30 responses from her amazing network. Very few of them even asked questions. They just said, “I’m in. What do I do next.”

The reasoning behind the costumes was two-fold. One, money is often a difficult topic for people and Camille thought costumes might lighten the mood. Two, Camille loves costuming and figured creating a new costume for each episode would be both challenging and fun. To see photos of all the looks follow @moneyheartshow on Instagram. Listen to all the amazing episodes on your favorite platform.

MoneyHeart has now wrapped. Camille has started a new podcast called The Real Deal with Camille.