The Real Deal with Camille

True Stories of Life as an Entrepreneur

77. The #1 Reason Why You Can Quit Working Harder | The Real Deal with Camille

Early on in my business-building days, I was all about working harder and pushing through. Mostly because that’s all I knew how to do. These days I’m doing things differently… and it’s working so much better! If you’re sick of constantly toiling away for little to no gains, this one’s for you. Camille Diaz brings ... Read more

76. Finding Where You Fit | Taresa Scott | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

Taresa Scott is a Learning and Development Program Strategist and Founder of her very own e-learning agency, Bleuprint. For the past 6 years, Taresa has helped fractional HR and talent development leaders to design, develop, and deliver engaging online learning solutions so that professionals are able to absorb, retain, and apply those skills in their ... Read more

74. Paying it Forward | Philip Tate | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

Do you have a personal board of directors? If not, get one! It will drastically change your business. My guest today is Philip Tate. After 30+ years in the marketing/PR agency business, Philip started his communications consultancy during the summer of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. An accredited PR professional and active leader ... Read more

72. Incremental Change | Dan Bobick | The Real Deal with Camille

Dan Bobick is the owner and financial coach of MoneyWorks Financial Coaching LLC where he has thoughtful conversations about life and money so that money stops running his clients' lives. He has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry and has covered areas such as insurance, investments, retirement planning, accounting, bookkeeping, to name ... Read more

71. Why My Early Business Building Strategy Was All Wrong | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

I thought I had it all figured out. I was building the BEST business ever.  All I needed to do was stick to my strategy and then someday everything would fall into place and I’d have all the things I dreamed about. How wrong I was! Here’s your opportunity to learn from my mistakes instead ... Read more

70. How to Have Confidence in All Your Photos | Nichole Howard | The Real Deal with Camille

My guest today is Nichole Howard and she sent in the following about what she does… My purpose is to create professional headshots and branded photography for ambitious women, so they feel motivated to serve their communities and confident about achieving their dreams and goals. How do I do this? I am not only a ... Read more

69. The Secret Way to Make Time to Get it All Done | The Real Deal with Camille

Would you love to have time to do all the things? Me too! In today’s episode, I’m going to reveal the secret sauce recipe for making time to get it all done. Let’s go! Camille Diaz is a connector, author, coach, speaker, podcaster, and financial professional who loves to empower people with knowledge and resources. ... Read more

68. Following Your Own Plan | Christina Hunte | The Real Deal with Camille

Christina Hunte is a creative change maker who is passionate about marketing and seeing dreams come true. She is the founder of Kreativ Edge Inc., a boutique marketing agency which helps companies to find their edge and stand out through innovative marketing campaigns.  Motivated by the idea that she has the ability to really change ... Read more

How The Real Deal with Camille Got Started

Somewhere in the middle of 2021 my husband popped into my office and gave me a wake-up call. He said he didn’t know what was going on with me, but I had better figure it out because it was clear I wasn’t happy and that was making our whole family miserable.

Message received! I did some soul searching, talked with my head coach, and decided to revive my coaching business.

I had been coaching in some form or the other since about 2015, but since 2017 my primary focus had been on my financial services business, Serenity Financial. While I was very talented in that field and my team was kicking butt, I just didn’t love doing it the way I love coaching.

To help relaunch my coaching business I hired a branding coach, Iris Culp with IC Growth. During one of our sessions she briefly told me to start recording my story of rebuilding the coaching business. She said she didn’t know what we’d do with the recording but just start doing it.

When I hire a coach I typically do what they say, so I started recording. I finished working with Iris, launched The Optimized Zone, and kept on recording my journey. (Iris completely forgot she even said anything, but you can hear more about that when her episode comes out.)

In the meantime I carried on with my current podcast, MoneyHeart. After recording over 100 episodes, I realized that while that show was well aligned with my financial services brand, it was not well aligned with my business coaching brand.

I knew I needed to end MoneyHeart but I had no idea what to do next… I know. I’m a little slow sometimes. Finally it hit me. Use all those recordings I’d been making over the past year and add in some guest episodes to create a new show. Duh! I only had about 60 solo recordings done at the time, lol.

Knowing MoneyHeart was ending I started asking the remaining guests if they would stay on for a few minutes extra and record something for my new show. They always said yes. And just like that, The Real Deal with Camille started to come together.

The Real Deal with Camille is about true stories of life as an entrepreneur. So many people claim that business life and personal life must stay separate. The reality is that when you’re an entrepreneur you are your business. What happens in your life affects how you show up at work whether you want it to or not.

In this show you’re getting the real me. My true story. The ups, the downs, the personal stuff, the business stuff, and all the messy in between. It’s never as easy as it looks from the outside but for me it’s always worth it.

I’ve been exceptionally fortunate that my guests have trusted me to share their stories as well. It’s my hope that by sharing our stories we can lift other entrepreneurs and inspire them to keep going. There is no overnight success, but there is plenty of success to be had.

I hope you’ll join us by listening to and sharing these true stories of life as an entrepreneur.



Enjoy the journey.