20. My Success Secret | Rushauna Beckles | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

My guest today is Rushauna Beckles aka “the idea girl”, founder and chocolate loving Marketing Strategy Consultant of Served with Creativity.

A company that combines creativity and practical ideas to support coaches in the financial industry to create an organic marketing strategy to position themselves to get visible, attract leads, differentiate their services and infuse their personalities to connect to their ideal peeps!

In the beginning, Rushauna started off as a virtual assistant because she enjoyed writing and wanted to assist other business owners to be consistent with their blogs and newsletters. Then she pivoted to becoming a content marketing strategist.

Rushauna has had a breadmaking, gift basket, and natural body care business that was a lot of fun. She enjoyed creating products for others.

She's written and performed poetry, spoken at a virtual summit where her talk was on “blogging is not dead” and she created her own giveback initiative to support low income families with getting basic supplies.

In this episode Rushauna asks me the question many people often ask me, "What's the secret to your success?" I tell her the answer, so listen to find out!

How to Connect with Rushauna Beckles

Rushauna offers a free download on The Anatomy of a Blog on her website: https://skilled-experimenter-8421.ck.page/c9bbea0b6d

It is a checklist that outlines what you need to incorporate in your blog to make it a success. There are examples throughout the guide to give you ideas.

If you'd like to connect with Rushauna she can be found @ServedwithCreativity on IG and on LinkedIn. Or send her an email at servedwithcreativity@gmail.com.

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