26. Stop Cheating on Yourself | Christy Maxfield | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

My guest today is Christy Maxfield. Christy was raised in a family business and never thought she’d become an entrepreneur. That changed in 2010 when, after a long career in fundraising, she co-founded her first business — The Mission Center — an administrative services company for nonprofits. In 2017 she launched Purpose First Advisors.

Today, she works with small businesses earning between $250k and $50m in revenue to help them build the financial operations, administrative processes, culture, and mindset to increase profitability. With a warm, practical, results-oriented style, Christy helps founders and business leaders tackle the biggest hurdles in their business to feel more confident and capable in their roles. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than when clients feel like they’ve found an advisor who gets it, who validates their experience and helps them go from being overwhelmed and uncertain to focused and intentional.

In addition to creating Purpose First Advisors, Christy has designed and taught entrepreneurship courses at the University of Missouri St. Louis and Washington University in St. Louis. She also co-created and co-hosted the Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast, which elevates and celebrates entrepreneurs, particularly women and entrepreneurs of color.

She has a Bachelor’s in Political Science degree from Montclair State University and a Master of Business Administration from Webster University. She is a Certified Human Team Activator helping leaders understand and activate the 6 Facets of Human NeedTM to create top-performing, self-actualized teams.

In this episode we talk about what we tend to do when we're suddenly gifted free time in our day and how we handled letting go of major projects that were no longer serving us.

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