32. Evolution of an Entrepreneur – Part 3 | Dr. Robyn | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

Dr. Robyn is a former competitive beach volleyball player turned high performance psychologist with continuing education in nutrition. She has written three books and given a TEDx talk titled Creating Success out of Chaos. Her clients call her a “smoke jumper” because she “parachutes in and helps fight life’s fires from the inside.”

She adores the intellectual stimulation of a good conversation, which has led to 400 and counting episodes of her panel discussion video podcast called Quick Hits. In her spare time, she reads astrophysics and quantum physics for fun, works out, tends to her garden and WAY too many houseplants and trains her dog Nebula to do circus tricks.

This episode is Part 3 in a series of three wherein Dr. Robyn shares how she went from being married off at age 18 to someone she didn't even know to becoming a successful high performance coach.

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If you missed Part 2 you can listen to it here: https://camillediaz.com/blog/22-evolution-of-an-entrepreneur-part-2-dr-robyn-the-real-deal-with-camille-podcast/

At this point, Dr. Robyn is writing a book, coaching clients, and finally on the road to building a functioning business. Then covid. When all her clients evaporated she realized the had an opportunity to rebuild her business the way she really wanted it to be. Her insights on setting boundaries and how she practices saying bigger numbers when it's time to raise her prices are definitely worth a listen.

Enjoy the journey.

How to Connect with Dr. Robyn

Scroll through passed Quick Hits to see the types of topics Robyn covers: https://www.youtube.com/c/DrRobyn.

Connect with Dr. Robyn on LinkedIn to discuss being a panelist: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robynodegaard/

Visit her website to see a video of Nebula doing circus tricks: https://drrobynodegaard.com/my-story/

And you can watch her six-minute TEDx talk here: https://youtu.be/6pgmup5jdvA

Quick Hits

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