54. When Your Passion and Gifts Align | Amy Campbell | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

My guest today is Amy Campbell. She is the Director of All That Happens at The Red Checker, a full service marketing agency where she leads a team of professionals to meet the marketing needs of industrial and manufacturing companies around the globe.

One Friday afternoon, years ago, Amy Campbell got called into the conference room at her corporate job. She was so dedicated to the company that when they told her they were going in a different direction she responded with, “Great, so where are we going?” They responded with, “That means without you, Campbell.” Totally in shock, Amy made a decision which changed her life completely.

She had a side business writing resumes and decided that instead of worrying or job hunting, she was just gonna get up and go to work on Monday. These days she runs two businesses doing work she loves and has some great insights to share from her journey!

How to Connect with Amy Campbell

Amy can be reached through her website www.theredchecker.com and on LinkedIn.

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