59. Be True to Yourself | Delinda Layne | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

My guest today stepped on to a stage in 7th grade to sing her first solo and has continued singing and speaking to audiences internationally. Audiences love Delinda Layne’s energy! Her combination of high-heel glamour and “tell it like it is” straight talk will pull you in and keep you engaged. At the end of our talk today you will know you have had an experience, leave feeling inspired, hopeful, and more confident.

Delinda is from Las Vegas where she is recently held her 7th WOW the World Conference for Women, showing women how to SHINE Their Divine. She is the founder and leader of Fun Fearless Female – Global Community of Christian Women, and the author of – Fun Fearless Female – How to Step into Your God-Sized Dreams.

Delinda believes each woman is amazing, brilliant and has greatness within to SHINE for the world. As a women’s EmpowerMentor, she mentors women to Empower themselves! Her mission is to help women realize their significance and value by encouraging them to stop the negative self-talk, believe in themselves, their gifts, and their value to their families and to the world.

When we got together to chat Delinda shared with me what it was like when she and her husband were asked by their largest client to do something unethical. Instead, they chose to hold true to their core values which meant losing 80% of their business and going into 6-figure debt.

We have a wonderful discussion about values, choices, and options. Be sure to listen until the end for brilliant advice from Delinda's mother on how to reframe saying no.

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