68. Following Your Own Plan | Christina Hunte | The Real Deal with Camille

Christina Hunte is a creative change maker who is passionate about marketing and seeing dreams come true. She is the founder of Kreativ Edge Inc., a boutique marketing agency which helps companies to find their edge and stand out through innovative marketing campaigns. 

Motivated by the idea that she has the ability to really change the entrepreneurial landscape and the world, Christina is intent on making a difference and leaving an indelible mark on her industry. Through consultations, speaking engagements, teaching, workshops, and training, she has inspired and educated hundreds of students, entrepreneurs, and marketers, with the remarkable skills she has honed.

Her philosophy is that marketing should never be intrusive or annoying, but instead, a delightful experience that wows your customers and inspires them to love you forever.

What do you do when corporate agencies won’t hire you straight out of school?

If you’re Christina Hunte, you build your own!

She was super passionate about marketing and just wasn’t getting hired, so she started an agency dedicated to helping companies build their brands by focusing on their uniqueness.

I love how that lack of corporate experience led Christina to embrace one of the greatest entrepreneur lessons very early on.

She listened to her audience and found a way to give them exactly what they wanted and needed her to provide.

How to Connect with Christina Hunte

Connect with Christina on Instagram at @iamchristinahunte https://instagram.com/iamchristinahunte

And on her website at https://www.kreativedgeinc.com

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