70. How to Have Confidence in All Your Photos | Nichole Howard | The Real Deal with Camille

My guest today is Nichole Howard and she sent in the following about what she does…

My purpose is to create professional headshots and branded photography for ambitious women, so they feel motivated to serve their communities and confident about achieving their dreams and goals.

How do I do this? I am not only a photographer, I am also a certified project manager (PMP) with my masters in Strategic Communications. So I mix my planning expertise & creative eye with compassion and laughter to capture your essence while providing you with the best set of photos to serve your business and life – so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Essentially, hiring me is an investment in your future and a lot of fun.

While I am based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, I have clients located across the country, from New York to Oregon.

I have been featured in local and national media outlets for my work from Philadelphia Style to MTV.


If you have ever stressed out about how you look on camera, this episode is for you!

I absolutely loved chatting with Nichole about how to prepare to take the perfect photo and how to love the photos you take.

This was a super fun chat and we almost never stopped laughing. Nichole’s tips on how to show up and look your best on camera were absolutely amazing.

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