Motivation vs. Inspiration

Ever listen to a motivational speaker and get all fired up? By the end of their talk you're ready to conquer the world. Everybody better move out of your way because you can NOT be stopped! Then two weeks later you're back to the same old routine and pretty much nothing has changed. That was motivation. It was external. The drive to take action came from outside of you and it wasn't enough to carry you through.

Ever get going on a really fun project mid-morning and the next thing you know you've missed at least one meal, and it's dark outside? Yep, me too. That was inspiration. It was internal. The drive to take action came from inside of you. Inspiration will not only carry you to the end of your project, you will joyfully work as hard as you need to in order to get there.

When you find it difficult to focus on an activity because it’s something you need to do but don’t really want to do, you’ll need more than motivation to get it done. To be inspired, connect the activity with your business and personal objectives. Pay attention to how even the tasks you don't love move you toward results you do love. Once you've truly made this connection and are fully inspired to be the person who creates those results then you really can’t be stopped.

Not sure what inspires you? Let’s chat and figure it out together. I love this game!

And if you really want more on finding your inspiration, check out my first book, The Shake Up. It’s all about figuring out your path to happiness and developing the courage to follow it.

Enjoy the journey.