Relieving the New Years Planning Pressure

Everywhere I look I see coaches reminding us that the new year is about to start! Don't waste December! Plan plan plan. Go out and crush it in January! After a while it starts to feel like if you don't have your entire next year fully designed before January 2nd you're doomed to fail. I'm here to tell you, it's ok! You'll be fine.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm all in favor of planning. What I'm not in favor of is forcing you to plan right now this instant just because the calendar is about to flip to the next year. In your business you're the boss. That's right. You. Are. The. Boss. You decide when it's time to plan. Maybe December is your busy season and you're going on vacation in January. Maybe January is your busy season and you're already did your planning back in October.

Whatever the case, planning is not now or never. It’s an ongoing process. if you just want to relax this holiday season and not think about your business for a few days you totally can. Then when you're ready to make a plan for next month, next quarter, or next year go for it... and plan exactly what you want.

Unclear on how to design a plan you can actually follow? Contact me with a question and I'll help.