46. Life Without a Network is Nothing | Frank Agin | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

Frank Agin (http://frankagin.com) is president of AmSpirit Business Connections, which empowers entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals to become successful through networking.

He also hosts the Networking Rx podcast, which has insights and interviews related to better business relationships.

Finally, Frank is the author of several books, including Foundational Networking (https://amzn.to/47hfCWU).


Frank could see his future in the corporate world was all mapped out. While it was safe and decent, it wasn't the interesting and dynamic life he really wanted to live.

When Frank left corporate life to become an entrepreneur, he didn't know anything about networking.

Today, Frank's entire business is networking. In this episode he shares his origin story and talks about how he made the leap from corporate attorney to thriving entrepreneur.

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