48. When Their Ceiling is Your Floor | Sarah Piedrahita | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

My guest today is Sarah Piedrahita. When asked to talk about herself she writes, I am The Reinvention Strategist and I work with all sorts of people to make sense out of the nonsense in life and business.

I serve people who have been blindsided by life and need help on next steps to those who are ready for life on their terms and leveling up. I love to teach and coach on reinventing yourself because I’ve done it and I believe that every person deserves more and better.

I’ve been able to transition from drifting through life to shifting into greatness and my greatest passion is empowering others to set themselves free and live their dreams in service to their communities.

I LOVE helping people see the value within themselves, release what doesn't serve them, and fulfill their purpose. You are the creator of your world and the master of your seas. My ultimate goal is to connect and empower humanity, one life at a time. Stop holding your breath and start living your best life NOW!

During our time together for this episode, Sarah shares a bit of her story about being betrayed by her now ex-husband. She describes how she worked her way to forgiveness and found out how to be herself along the way.

It really is a story of reinvention. As I listened back to this episode before publishing, I was amazed by the sheer volume of incredibly insightful things Sarah said. I was there for the original and I still kinda feel like I should go back and listen again to make sure I got the full learning. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Sarah as much as I did.

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