65. When Was the Last Time You Hugged Your Plumber? | The Real Deal with Camille

If you’ve been following me on social media for any length of time, you’ve probably seen me wearing a costume. 

You might have wondered why the hell is Camille wearing costumes?

The answer is, because I want to. That’s it! The costumes are not a gimmick or a ploy. I simply love them and think it’s fun to build a business wherein I get to do things I love. Full stop. I figure when you see me in a costume you’re either drawn in and want to know more or you’re repulsed and leave.

Dressing up in costume along with going to Renaissance faires, watching superhero movies, and hiking through the woods are all things that are authentically me. Those who leave because I do those things, aren’t my people! We’re never gonna vibe and I’m clearly not the coach for them.

I recently had a lovely experience with some other business owners who were one hundred percent authentic during our interactions and it led me to do something I never would have imagined were I making this up. Listen to find out what happened and why.

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