66. Getting Out of the “Should” Trap | Jacqueline Kent | The Real Deal with Camille

Jacqueline is a Midlife Women's Heartset coach and self-care specialist – she helps women navigate Midlife limbo, often women who have overlooked taking care of their own physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well-being. Helping you to find ways to choose ‘you’ over ‘all the things’ that constantly tug at your heart.

Her passion is gently guiding midlife women to make healthier, more sustainable choices to better support themselves with compassion and nurturing action. She is like your own personal cheerleader.

Jacqueline was in the wedding business for many years, but as time went on she began to feel more and more trapped by the business.

She kept going because she felt it was what she “should” be doing.

Jacqueline found herself continuously unhappy because the energy of the business was unaligned with what she really wanted to do.

Join us for our discussion about how she made the leap from forcing herself to stay in a business that was making her miserable into a business that she loves.

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You can connect with Jacqueline through her website https://www.jacquelinekent.co.uk

Jacqueline has published many books which you can find here: https://jacquelinekent.co.uk/my-books/

Grab your free guide to Navigating midlife limbo here: https://www.jacquelinekent.co.uk/what-happens-now

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