So… When’s Your Next Vacation?

I took time off during the last couple of weeks of the year. Didn’t record any videos and didn’t have any appointments or attend any meetings. Which means I didn’t have to comb my hair. Didn’t have to coordinate clothes. Didn’t need earrings. Ok, technically I never NEED earrings, I just really like wearing them. Didn’t talk to people, or network, or help clients, or any of the things. I just relaxed.

This is a difficult thing to do for many entrepreneurs. We always feel like we should be doing something to build our businesses. If not, at least deep cleaning the fridge or organizing the garage. All the things we don’t normally get to because we’re working.

You will serve everyone better if you’re rested and ready, not hurried and dready. Take a break BEFORE you burn out. Block rest time before you’re desperately craving it. Before you start losing clients, before your family is hiding from you, before you cause a pileup on the highway, or have a meltdown in line at Starbucks.

It's early in the year and most of us are coming off of a nice bit of downtime. Before you are desperate for a quiet week at the end of next December, schedule a break. Or several! It doesn’t matter if they are trips to exotic locations or 4-day movie marathons on your couch. As you set your goals and block out your year, remember to build in some rest blocks. You'll thank yourself later.

Feel like you can't possibly go on vacation without everything in your business falling apart? I got you. Let’s talk.

Enjoy the journey.