Why Prioritize Goals

A world of possibilities lies ahead. Let's pretend you’ve just set a bunch of goals and you’re excited to get started on absolutely everything. For the best chance at success, before you start, narrow down and prioritize your goals. I recommend limiting yourself to working on 1-3 goals at a time depending on how big they are.

If you try to put maximum effort in too many places at once you’ll end up accomplishing absolutely nothing. Lose 20 pounds and run a 5k would be complimentary goals and could be accomplished at the same time. Start a new business selling handmade furniture, write a book, lose 20 pounds, learn to speak French, and plant a vegetable garden are too diverse and require too much dedicated time and mental energy to be focused on all at once. It would be better to choose one of those, map it out and get it completed or well under way, and then choose another goal to start mapping out.

If you’re a little bummed because you won’t be accomplishing all your goals at once, or you’re considering trying to do them all at the same time anyway, I understand. I’m an overachiever, too. Just think about it like this: would you rather succeed at one goal or fail at five?

Once you’ve narrowed your goals down to 3 or less, it’s time to prioritize. Choose which goal will be primary, which will be secondary, and which will be tertiary. This way, when you have to make a choice about which goal to devote more time, energy, or money to (and at some point you will have to choose) you’ll know which goal to pick.

Having a clear priority order for your goals will prevent you from experiencing a major setback by trying to spread your resources too thin. By prioritizing you’ll be able to make decisions easily rather than lying awake at night wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

Struggling to narrow down goals and prioritize? Contact me and we'll chat. I love this stuff!

Enjoy the journey.