56. Where to Find Happiness | Reagan Rodriguez | The Real Deal with Camille Podcast

Reagan Rodriguez is a Futurist, and CAFÉ Fund Manager for an Alternative Energy Fund as well as a Humanitarian Fund. Oxford Educated from the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, and what he is more excited about is being in England for the entire summer for the Asset Owner Sustainability Leadership Programme that blends the academic research and teaching expertise at the University of Oxford.

I don't know if this ever happens to you, but sometimes I meet someone who feels like they live on a slightly different plane of existence. From the moment I met Reagan I got that feeling like, damn, this guy knows things. Similar to many entrepreneurs he's been through some major lows, like losses in the millions, and major highs. He has learned from every single experience. In this episode Reagan was kind enough to share his story with me as well as some of his philosophy on life including where to find happiness.

Do yourself the favor of listening until the end. The message he shares right before we wrap was exactly what I needed to hear and I suspect it will help you too.

How to Connect with Reagan Rodriguez

You can learn more about the projects Reagan is working on through his websites.

5th Avenue Capital: https://5thaavc.com/

WorthyDomes Sustainable Housing: http://worthydomes.com/

Connect with Reagan on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/reagan-rodriguez-694458/ and on X at https://x.com/worthydomes.

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In the show Reagan mentions he and I were introduced by Frank Agin. You can find Frank's Real Deal episode here: https://camillediaz.com/blog/46-life-without-a-network-is-nothing-frank-agin-the-real-deal-with-camille-podcast/

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